Church Sermon Manager WordPress plugin

Sermon Manager -WordPress Plugin for Churches

Sermon Manager is a WordPress plugin designed specifically to help churches publish sermons to the web. The Sermon Manager plugin allows users to add speakers, sermon series, Bible references, and more. Uploadable  sermon file types include .mp3 files, pdf, doc, ppt, as well as embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Additional features of the Sermon Manager WordPress plugin for churches include:

  • The ability to attach image to sermons, sermon series, speakers, or sermon topics.
  • Shortcodes for displaying sermons in page content.
  • iTunes podcasting support.

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Jetpack plugin security patch released

WordPress Jetpack Plugin Security Patch Released Due Vulnerability in Stored XSS

According to Michael Mimoso over Threatpost, Automattic has released a new patch to the highly popular Jetpack for WordPress plugin. The patch addresses a vulnerability in stored XSS with and includes an update to the core WordPress engine, which is a rarely done.

Plugin insecurities  have been the cause of many attacks and hacks against WordPress sites. The highly popular Jetpack plugin has been downloaded more than one million times from Jetpack adds powerful features previously only available to users including customization, traffic, mobile, content, and performance tools.

Primarily, security issues related to WordPress originate with plugin vulnerabilities; and just last month, WordPress released version 4.3.1, patching three major vulnerabilities, including a very serious one found in the shortcodes feature.

To read more about this WordPress Jetpack Plugin Security Patch click on the link below to read the full article: